Throughout the past, we strive to survive, so we down to earth, steadily play every step of the product, the management of every detail, to create the best quality products and services. Based on now, we strive to develop "Qi Jia" brand, so well known in the country. To strict quality management system throughout the design, development, procurement, production, testing and after-sales service of the whole process. To this end, we will continue to work hard, and strive to meet the needs of end consumers, and resolutely "quality, brand, service," the simultaneous development. Looking to the future, we strive to expand the "Qijia" industry, the "Qi Jia" brand development is divided into three stages, the first stage is specialized, the second stage is related to industry diversification, the third stage is not Relevant industries diversified, and ultimately to achieve international group.

Join conditions

1, have a certain financial strength, good personal reputation, business reputation, rich business experience, a higher overall quality.

2, a good brand management ability, agree to meet the Anxiang industry marketing policy and special distribution contract provided by the other conditions;

3, a reasonable location of the shop, fixed business premises.

4, the qualifications of legitimate operators.

5, full of entrepreneurial passion, with forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation

6, good after-sales service management capabilities, independent installation team, able to independently handle customer complaints and disputes.

7, franchisees in the franchise to have a good and more extensive social relations.

8, a good regional management capabilities, with the operation of the market positioning of the corresponding advertising strategy.

9, must be determined in the industry, with the courage to open up, not afraid of the spirit of hardships.

10, according to the authorized use of Zijia fire within the scope of the trademark, technology, documentation, orders and a variety of packaging materials.

11, strictly abide by the rules and regulations and operational norms to accept management and supervision.